Christians love testimonies! They are visible expressions of Gods workings and miracles. They both inspire the listener and bless the speaker. This page is devoted to sharing what God has done and is doing in these last times. Please send us your testimony, or praise report.

I was 55 years old and struggling when I found the Lord. I had found most everything else along the way and I wasn't looking for God, but He sure was looking for me. I thought I finally had it made after a lot of false starts. I had a rotten teen life, blew-off school, got married young, got divorced twice, went middle-age crazy, even tried the bar scene. I finally settled down and of course gave myself all the credit. Here I was, retired, good home, great wife. I thought I would go to heaven by being mostly good and knew nothing about grace, or having a relationship with Jesus Christ. God did a number of things to draw me to Him and finally one day led me to watch church on Christian TV. A Presbyterian Minister gave a sermon on partial birth abortion and the horror of it changed my life. Both my wife and I, who thought we were very open minded, were stunned. God knocked on our door, only this time we let Him in, and left our old selves. I would like to say "we lived happily ever after" but that wasn't to be. We spent 3 years church shopping and did some mission work hoping to find our place. We were blessed to find some people who gave us direction, but for the most part we were on our own . We were too spirit filled for some churches, too concerned about the lost for others. It seemed to us that most churches were about growth through compromise and social agendas. Old friends shunned us and our children thought we were boring because we liked talking about God. Most church goers are not comfortable around baby Christians; we are too enthusiastic, many of us are too radical, we have an over-abundance of joy, and besides we ask too many questions. We did manage to find a good out-reach church and now hope to help others and share our God given gifts with those who are seeking an understanding fellowship. May you also be blessed with God's many gifts..........Jerry

My husband explained a great deal of what happened to us but I have some personal thoughts I'd like to add. I grew up in a church until I left for college. The trouble was I never learned what God or Grace was all about. I learned the books of the Bible, the Apostles Creed, Lord's Prayer, stories in the Old Testament, Ten Commandments, how Jesus died on the Cross and how He was born in Bethlehem, but I didn't learn the important things. I didn't know we were supposed to have a personal relationship with Jesus, I didn't know about God's gift of Grace and what was accomplished at Calvary by Jesus. I don't blame the church because you know what it is like being a kid in church; not a lot sinks in. Well when I got out on my own, I lost any faith I had. For one thing I couldn't live up to what I thought God expected of me; for another thing I blamed him for everything bad that ever happened to me and in the world. Well, in the next thirty years, now and then, but not often, I would pray to God: "Please restore that child-like faith I had when I was a child." I wanted the faith that didn't question God; that didn't try to logic everything out. Now that I know God, I know why my prayers were never answered. I only wanted God on a part time basis, that is, when it was convenient for me. I wasn't willing to give up my lifestyle of sin to receive God. He knew that, so he just kept waiting until I was at the end of myself. Looking back at a very difficult adult life full of heartache and hopelessness, I sure wish I had done it God's way. It's awful to live a life without anyone to turn to in times of troubles. He was there all the time for me, I just wouldn't let him in.

It wasn't until my husband and I retired and I got ulcerative colitis that I finally came to the end of myself and started to look for God. My health had me down to the point where I just didn't want to live. The more testimonies I hear, the more I realize that many people, not just myself, get saved when they get desperate. When there is no way out except to turn to God for help. Well the day we got saved while watching TBN was the biggest miracle I might ever see. My husband and I were very sure that we were intelligent, open-minded, nice people. We figured we should just mind our own business and if people wanted to have abortions, become homosexuals, live together before marriage, drink, do drugs or whatever- that was their business. We considered ourselves to be good, honest, friendly people who would go to heaven. After all we never killed anyone, cheated anyone, stole anything- why wouldn't we go to heaven? After that one hour sermon, we looked at each other and all our values had changed. You see in that hour, God took the blinders off of our eyes and took out the heart of stone and replaced it with a heart of flesh. We finally saw SIN as it really is. Our whole life was turned upside down. We threw away all the alcohol, threw away old phonograph records and books that had ungodly content, stopped swearing, stopped smoking, stopped watching TV except for TBN, stopped going to cocktails. It may sound like we gave up something, but we didn't give up a thing. Actually we were set free of the sinful life that had been binding us. For God gave us the new life he promises. For the first time in my 50 years I felt content, happy, guilty free. I gladly received God's gifts of peace and joy. Life finally had some real meaning and now when I have problems, I give them to God. Four years after being saved, all I can do is thank God for giving me another chance; for waiting for me for 30 years. I love God and His Son, Jesus with all my heart. Now I realize life on earth is so short and not very significant. Now I have the hope of eternal life with God. A life without sickness, problems, heartaches or sin. A life where everyone loves everyone else. Wow won't that be great! Diane

I'm a 30 year old female, married with two children. My life, before being saved, was a mess. I liked being a victim and life just seemed to be one chaotic event after another; some I caused myself, others were out in my control. I've suffered from bulimia, depression, and chronic physical illnesses. I've tried drugs and alcohol to relieve the pain and frustration. Suicide was always a way out. I just didn't have any moments of contentment or peace of mind. What was the "missing piece" that would make me feel good about myself and about life? I got married and had two children, bought a house, and really thought I was finally in control of my life. I still shunned away from God because I thought there were too many rules. Christianity was for other people. I thought I could hide from God if I didn't acknowledge Him. After reading a Christian book one night, I was enlightened and asked Jesus into my life. I've been reading the Bible almost every day for about two years and my whole perception of the world and life have changed. My "missing piece," the Holy Spirit! What used to be just rules to me, are now words to live by. I am not perfect now and still have everyday trials, but life with God is so much better! I am God's "work in progress." Every situation is a learning lesson for me; whether its not to judge other people, being honest with everyone, or taming my tongue. I pray for everything from good weather to good conversation. Sometimes I pray for people on TV or even the bug I just stepped on. Sounds a little radical maybe, but prayer works! This is what I live by- prayer, faith, and my deep love for Jesus Christ. The struggles will go on but I share in the sufferings of Christ so that I may share in His glory for eternity. Love in Christ, Shauna